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Designing, engineering, consulting, supervision and execution of construction and installation works




Latest works

  • HVAC system design, development and construction for Hotel Slavija, Vrnjacka Banja.
  • Design and construction of the water supply, sewerage, and hydrant network at the inudutsrial oil production facilitiy, Novo Miloševo.
  • Assembly of oil-production infrastructure and equipment at the oil facility in Novo Miloševo.
  • Total 100m2 apartment adaptation in Kneza Milosa street, Belgrade.

Calor doo

Calor doo was established on April 4th 2001, located on address: 43 Admiral Vukovic Str. Belgrade.

We offer services to:

- Public, state/governmental institutions
- Private sector
- Individual users

Main Activities:

Calor office


Notable results were achieved in the field of architectural - civil works, electrical works (strong and weak voltage electricity), thermotechnical installations (air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating and automatic regulation) and water and sewage installations.

Market orientation

From the start of its operations, Calor doo has worked intensively on defining the market orientation aiming to achieve high-visibility of the company. For the past few years, despite very strong competition, the company has managed to retain its position in the market primarily due to high quality of its services which is also the main motto of our business.


Since 2008, CALOR doo has been cooperating with German company MENERGA - system air, which independently develops and produces important components and it is primarily focused on the use of technology for energy saving purposes. We have successfully cooperated on all projects that MENERGA conducted in Serbia.